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The UPA Education Committee has been working very hard in setting up the next series of CE events for UPA.

Here is what to expect in the coming months:


March 18, 2016
with Morgan Sammons, Ph.D. ABPP

Dr. Sammons is Executive Officer of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.  He specializes in clinical psychopharmacology and integrated health care delivery.  A retired Captain in the US Navy, Dr. Sammons is one of the first graduates of the Department of Defense Psychopharmacology Demonstration Project and was for many years a prescribing psychologist on active duty supporting Naval and Marine Corps personnel in a number of healthcare facilities around the globe.  He is a frequent contributor to the professional literature in the areas of clinical psychopharmacology and policy issues for psychologists.


  • The participant will understand the role of psychopharmacology in today's treatment of mental health problems.  Societal and scientific trends inflecting on the use of pharmacological agents in the treatment of mental illness will be covered.
  • Introduction to clinical antidepressants:  Participants will understand new antidepressants and their use including indications, doses, and contraindications.  Combinations of antidepressants and psychological treatments will be covered.
  • Participants will understand new developments in pharmacological treatments for anxiety and related conditions, including drugs for anxiety, insomnia, and related conditions.  Combined treatments will be discussed.
  • Participants will understand new developments in antimanic and mood stabilizing agents, including newly introduced agents, combinations of pharmacological and psychosocial treatments for bipolar disorder and related conditions.
  • Participants will acquire knowledge of newly introduced antipsychotics, their risks and benefits, comparisons with earlier antipsychotics, and their use in a comprehensive treatment regimen for psychotic spectrum disorders.

Participants will acquire knowledge of use of psychotropics in special populations, including childhood disorders, disorders affecting the elderly, including drugs for dementia, and use of agents in ethnic minorities.

Bring business cards for structured networking opportunities.
This workshops qualifies for 6 hours of Continuing Education

Causes and Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

April 15, 2016
with Don Strassberg, PhD, ABPP

Prolonged Exposure for PTSD

June 3, 2016
with Tom Mullin, PhD

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The Utah Psychological Association assists its members of approximately 300 psychologists, psychology researchers, graduate students of psychology, and high school teachers of psychology in the mission to advance psychology as a science and as a profession.

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  • Serving its members by providing access to the highest quality educational programs with the latest data on the science and practice of psychology.
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  • Promoting human welfare by the responsible encouragement of the development of psychology in all its branches in the broadest manner consistent with ethical and scientific standards.
  • Creating and sustaining an environment of diversity and inclusion along with supporting increasing cultural competence for Utah Psychologists.
  • Making psychology more visible to the public by providing public education on psychological issues, providing psychological resources and referrals, and disseminating psychological scientific knowledge.
  • Recognizing community businesses exhibiting psychologically healthy workplace practices for a better work environment.

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